gHealth Research is always interested in hearing from people who wish to work with us to improve health and wellbeing.


This can be through students interested in developing research projects, people with skills such as marketing, journalism or web design to help us promote our work or through financial donations.

Some examples of where your money can help are given below.  Please feel free to contact us for further information

€250,000 for a research and education centre in Mzuzu
A site for a research and training centre in Mzuzu would provide research and training facilites, biobanking facilities and clinical support services.
 €50,000 for a container clinic
By converting a shipping container and installing equipment and electronics we can ensure a high quality clinic for rural areas in Northern Malawi
€30,000 for a clinical fellow from Malawi
This one year fellowship would employ a Clinical Officer full-time for one year where they would have a defined role in providing NCD care, undertaking research in NCD care, and educating other staff members in the region. They would also spend time in Ireland in the Palms GP Surgery and our partners in allied hospitals in Ireland developing clinical skills and research projects.
€25,000 for a baseline study on chronic diseases in Malawi
There is limited information on the prevalence, current clinical care, community beliefs and causes of NCDs such as asthma in Malawi. There is a need for research in this area to help develop appropiate initatives and care for different contexts in Malawi
€30,000 – village screen for rheumatic heart disease
Rheumatic heart disease occurs after infection with group A streptococcus and affects the valves of the heart particulary in teenagers and young adults.  Often it goes unnoticed until the heart has started to fail.  Screening in villages to detect this early helps prevent the development of heart failure
€10,000- portable ultrasound
This can be used to screen for rheumatic heart disease
€5,000 – a nurse to run a clinic for a year
By providing structured follow up this ensures that people receive appropriate care
€2,000 – Medical equipment for a primary care clinic
This would provide a suite of tools for conditions such as diabetes, high blood pressure and heart disease in the community
€1,000 – Reliever inhalers for 200 children 
€500 – Asthma medication 
This would provide reliever and preventer medication for six children for one year
€150 – Care package including medicines for a child with severe asthma for one year